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Webster’s dictionary describes our name like this— gos’ pel)
n. the announcement of the salvation of mankind by Jesus Christ

(ex press’)
adj. plainly stated; exact; not implied

We gladly accept that definition for that is exactly what we intend to deliver in our concerts— the good news of salvation by faith in Jesus Christ, plainly stated.

Organized, in 1989, with a vision to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through songs that have so profoundly impacted the lives of our members. God has truly blessed in that endeavor. Those who already know the Lord also need spiritual encouragement, and we address that in our songs as well.

Gospel Express is no stranger to the concert stage but Sundays find us in church. Thousands have been blessed in worship services led by these men of God.

Come join us in concert or invite us to come worship with you and your congregation, soon.