From the recording Walk By Faith

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Words & Music By: Tom Richards

Verse 1
There’s a story from long ago about a burning bush that Moses found,
Where God told him to “take thy shoes off for you stand on holy ground.”
Then God told Moses to lead His children out of Egypt to the promised land;
For the day of their deliverance now was finally at hand.

Sing the song of redemption my brother, sing of how He set us free.
God has delivered us out of bondage and defeated our enemy.
He is worthy of praise and glory, Him we worship and adore.
Thru the ages long forever sing this song; exalt His name forevermore.

Verse 2
When Moses was leading God’s people from Pharoah,
Pharoah was not far behind.
When they came to the banks of the Red Sea,
Trapped there they began to repine.
God told Moses “stretch forth thy rod; the waters I will divide.
Then lead My children far from this land, safely over to the other side.”