1. Perfect Love

From the recording Walk By Faith

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Words & Music By: Heath A. Kirkwood

Verse 1
In a world that defines love as but a mere feeling
Where words are more oft heard than seen.
So hard it may seem to understand why the Father
Would extend His own Son so that we could be free.

Verse 2
Each drop of blood cried out proving His passion
And healing was seen in each wound.
His love was the driving force behind every breath
As He said, “It is finished, my child paid in full.”

Perfect love that surpasses beyond description
Offering each heart sweet and tender relief.
And each soul that’s saved can proudly proclaim,
“God’s Perfect Love lives in me!”

Verse 3
Just to know God would send His own Son as payment
For a price where my life was owed.
It proves that His love reaches farther than words;
The greatest love story that ever was told!