From the recording Walk By Faith

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Words & Music By: Andrew Smith

Verse 1
My Savior guides me day and night,
He knows what is wrong and right,
He is with me this I know.
Listening to Him every day,
Living not to go astray,
I’m leaning on God’s everlasting love.

I’m leaning (I’m leaning) on God’s everlasting love.
I’m learning (I’m learning) from His mighty grace above.
In a moment (In a moment) in the twinkling of an eye,
I’ll see my Blessed Lord, My God, up in the Eastern Sky.

Verse 2
When times of trouble come my way,
I just want to stop and say,
“Get thee Devil, ‘way from me.”
I know just what you’re tryin’ to do,
And I’ll not go and follow you;
I’m leaning on God’s everlasting love.