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Words & Music By: Heath A. Kirkwood

Verse 1
I’m standing today as a child of the King,
I’m bought by the blood, forever redeemed,
And though this is true I’m finding myself caught in a deep drought.
This dry place I’m in has taken its’ toll.
I need a refreshing move in my soul.
Lord send me the flood that I’ll overflow from the inside out.

Oh Spirit emerge from within, showing me life that’s sweeter again.
I long to be a vessel that’s free and living to shout.
Lord give me the fire, next send the wind, set me ablaze, show me again
How living’s not over; it just starts over from the inside out!

Verse 2
Do you stand alone? Are you walking away?
You’re feeling further from God each day.
Like Paul you may feel you’re dragging along a body of death.
My friend I can testify that it’s true:
The Spirit will come and awaken you.
Just stand firm in faith; He’ll show you the way, and make you alive!