From the recording Walk By Faith

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Words & Music By: Richard Kirtley

Verse 1
One night in a lonely prison Paul and Silas were bound.
It seemed all hope had fled away, and no friend could be found.
But all of a sudden in the still of the night, two men began to pray.
When God came down in the prison that night, the walls began to shake.

When God comes down we can all rest assured
His presence will be felt and His mighty voice is heard.
And when it seems all hope is gone, your dreams are cast away,
Just call upon His name and your prison walls will shake.

Verse 2
Now if you’re in a prison and in chains you are bound,
Old Satan has discouraged you and tried to bring you down,
Just look beyond the hopelessness and focus on The Light;
How great to know our God still reigns victorious thru the night!