From the recording Walk By Faith

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Words & Music By: Tom Richards

Verse 1
While down here among the living, I will spread the gospel news.
For God gave us the Great Commission; it’s what He wants me to do.
I want to share all He has promised, and what He’s done for me and you.
There’s many things that I could speak of, so listen here are just a few:

I want to sing (sing of His mercy), I want to shout (from every mountain),
I want to tell (the old, old story) how He saved me.
I want to know (more about Jesus), I want to hear (“My Child well done”),
I want to sing and shout and tell of His great love.

Verse 2
When I leave this world behind me, and my work on earth is through,
I’ll be caught up in clouds of glory as heaven’s gates come into view.
I’m going to cross old chilly Jordan, and then I’ll join that heavenly throng.
There we will praise His name forever, while we sing a brand new song.